Channel settings window less useful in C7?

As the title says… Been working with a couple new projects in C7 and have noticed a few minor, but noticeable quirks that have made Cubase a less effective DAW. i.e.:

  1. What happened to the button for inverting an EQ gain? (useful when locating troublesome nodes to notch)

  2. Hidden “power” buttons for EQ bands too fiddly, get in the way of working fast.

  3. Can no longer see routing along side appropriate inserts. Need to click back-and-forth a lot when setting up surround mixes to make sure your setting routing for the correct insert.

Correct me if I’m missing something, please.

hi, invert eq… think you right click on EQ window, then menu comes up …there you should see an option to invert. hope this helps.

Thanks! (The invert eq function is now apparently undocumented)

Dear Steinberg,

Was just thinking; A simple fix for this UI shortcoming would be to show the names of the plug-ins in the routing window…



Update: The “invert EQ” function is buggy in C7. (Try it out) After inverting the eq, you can no longer fully adjust the gain for that band.

No problem here. Maybe a mac only bug.

Can’t reproduce that in 7.0.7 on Mac.

What version are you using? Your sig says 7.0.6 is that right?