Channel Settings window routing issue?

Since I updated to 7.02, I am no longer able to change the channel routing from the Channel Settings window. I have to do it in the mixer page. The routing menu (highlighted with the red oval in the attached screenshot) now just displays a list of ‘targets’. Is this a deliberate change? It seems much more useful to be able to change the routing.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

click on the → arrow…!?

If I click on the arrow, I get a dropdown menu of all the ‘target’ channels (these are all the channels that the current channel is routed to, or is sent to via an fx send). If I select one of these targets, it takes me to the Channel Settings window for that channel. As far as I can tell, there is no way to change the routing without going to the mixer page. It was not like this in 7.0 and I am assuming this is a mistake/bug in 7.02.

I’ve done some more investigation…

If I create a new channel, I can select routing in the Channel Setting window with no problems. Once I setup some FX sends, the routing menu now changes to show the number of targets and I can no longer change the routing. This doesn’t seem right to me?

Totally agree - this change makes absolutely no sense! I really think a programmer made a mistake here.

This little feature change alone, inspired me to create a forum account and come and complain about it!!

This change now means that in the case of instrument tracks, the only place to change the output (if sends have been setup) is in the mixer window. It’s madness. I hope this is reversed in a 7.0.2a patch, or something soon!!

Yes, my guess is that this was a mistake.

Confirmed! You can change the input but not the output. Another “issue” I presume…

I posted this in the “issues” section.

Totally agree that it needs to be fixed. But, you don’t have to open the mixer to change routing. You can change it in the channel’s inspector also. That’s what i do for now.

This is true except for instrument tracks.

+1 Bad behavior