Channel settings window too wide..

Please fix, it is on issue on Windows as well.

EDIT: Misunderstanding of the initial post/question.

I’ve had this problem before and searched the forums. I reset the channel settings and it went back to normal. That was in 7.5.0 . In 7.5.2 that won’t work anymore. I found somewhere in the forum a moderator suggesting to delete the preference folder of Cubase 7. I’m having a hard time finding that thread (anyone steer me there?) Someone else switched out his graphic card (or updated the drivers) and his problem went away. Well mine is back and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

Any help would be so appreciated.

This is not a small issue. It’s part of everyday workflow. Crazy.
Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 2.24.10 PM.png

A similar issue was present starting in 7.0.5 (edit: 7.0.4, actually. maybe earlier). Switching to a workspace with a channel settings window open would distort one of the sections and make it wider than usually. In 7.0.5, it’s the sends section. In 7.0.6+, it’s two tracks in the Output Chain.

That update was 11 months ago. Crazy indeed.

Well indeed deleting the preferences folder works to solve this debacle, but IMO is an unprofessional workaround. At least on my system, it takes A LONG TIME for Cubase to rebuild its global settings on restart after the pref deletion. I hope I never have to do it again.

What gets me is the seemingly randomness of GUI issues I’ve been reading about from Editor windows, Channel Settings, etc. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love 7.5 and the customizing it affords to my workflow and composing/production. It’s just a showstopper creatively when you’re in the zone and you have to stop and pull a wrench out of the gears. I don’t think this should appear in software after Alpha and Beta testing, but less I digress. I’ve been using Nuendo and/or Cubase for well over fifteen years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Same issue here.
Usually, over here, this means the start of more GUI issues (plugins GUI not showing), plugins not loading and ultimately Cubase freezing or crashing.

Just a thought for this workaround to make it a much quicker deal should this problem occur again. Why not save out a copy of the preferences folder once it is set up properly? If trouble comes, delete the old and replace it with a copy of you virgin preferences folder…



click on the “Functions menu” (top right corner of the MixConsole) while pressing the “Alt” key on your keyboard and select “Reset MixConsole Window”.

This bug has already been fixed, it doesn’t happen on new installations / new systems, but it will re-appear when using old preferences from an old Cubase 7 version that used to have this bug. If a project was saved with this bug, it will also reappear even if you trash your preferences. Once you have reset your mixconsole window the problem will be gone for good (at least on that project)


Thank you Luis. My comment earlier about workarounds wasn’t just for the Mix Console but the Channel Settings Window growing the size of three or four screens. Some people were having issues with Editor Windows behaving in a similar erratic fashion. By deleting my prefs folder I hope my Channel Settings issue is gone for good. It’s happened twice for me so far.

Your comment about old versions containing a bug would be problematic for me I think. I’m a composer with a VERY LARGE template that I start with for every cue. I’ve been modifying this template since 6.5. I can’t imagine rebuilding this thing. It took four or five days to get it right.

So my question regarding “old bugs”… Functionally are templates the same as an old file?

Thanks Luis. BTW I love Cubase and have been using it to make my living for over fifteen years.


Luis, you’re my hero.
This seems to have solved not only the GUI problems I’ve been having, but also the stability problems (Cubase freezing or crashing).

Let’s hope it stays that way…


Hi there,

templates are also .cpr files. All you have to do is open your template, Reset your MixConsole Window (BTW it is the exact same procedure in the Channel Settings Window) and save it again. The next time you open this newly saved template, the problem won’t appear anymore.

On the other hand, this is not a workaround, but the solution. You do it once, and it will stay fixed.

All the best

For Luis Dongo’s solution to work, make sure to refresh your prefs first. But before doing so also make sure that it’s not fetching the “old” prefs from somewhere else.

The big trouble with Thrashing your preferences, is that it fetches “old” preferences from not only earlier C7 versions. It also fetches the preferences from Cubase 6.5 (go figure)…

…This happens at the first start after thrashing your prefs. To NOT fetch any earlier prefs, you have to move all other Cubase versions App folder out of Steinberg App Data folder (C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg).
Then start up your troubled version again.
PS. After opening C7.5 again (starts with default prefs), you can bring back the moved folders, if needed.

Beware also that if you uninstall C7.5, it will NOT delete your C7.5 App folder. This can be a good thing, or for the most part, a bad thing (there’s usually a reason for re-installing). So Delete this manually.

So after a re-install it will fetch its own “old” App data. After thrasing your prefs (app data folder), it will fetch the app data from an earlier C7 version. Or even C6.5 if no other C7 version is present (this can introduce all sorts of crazy things).

This kind of info should be gathered into a “sticky”, and be the first info (with a warning) in the install manual.
No wonder people are sometimes struggling.

Big thanks goes to my uncle :slight_smile:

So this means I will need to load every project I did for the last half year and then reset the MC and Edit Channel window to be able to work on them or even just to be able to export the track?
If you know what the problem is (and therefore also know where the problem is located in the .cpr), wouldn’t it be relatively easy to write a small conversion tool which replaces the faulty code in the .cpr, preferably in batch mode?
Some of these project load very dificultly and such a tool would save us heaps of time…
Just today I spent somewhat over two hours trying to get a project running again.

I’ve got a bug with Cubase Elements 7 + win8:
I can’t expand channel settings like inserts, sends and stuff and nothing helps (cleaning, reseting mixconsole and channels, reinstalling etc).

Probably no one just cares about Cubase Elements 7…

Wow, this was bugging the crap out of me. It was happening even with new projects. This tip fixed it for me on an existing project - haven’t tried a new one yet. I should also mention for anyone else having the problem that you might try opening MixConsole 2 or 3. Both of those were fine whereas the first MixConsole was totally messed up, until this repair.

First of all, thanks to Luis Dongo, because his comment helped me to find the solution to this issue.
However, just in case that does not work for anyone, I just want to let you know how I got my channel window back to normal size.
I tried what Luis said, in the MixConsole by going through the Devices drop down option, however this did not work for me.
I then opened one of the specific tracks from the inspector window within the actual project page and I then clicked on the Functions Menu arrow, while holding down the alt key, as instructed by Luis.
This allows another option to appear, which does not show if you do not hold the Alt key down - Reset Channel Settings Window. Once I clicked this, all of the windows (mixer included) went back to their original size.

Sorry if this seems tedious and longwinded, but that is how I need information to be when I am trying to understand something and I know (having had lot’s of experience) how frustrating it can be when a problem arises and you can’t understand or follow the instructions of others to resolve it.

Hope this helps someone!

Thank youraymer9!
I was already desprate and your solution worked for me! :smiley:

Cubase Elements 8 - top right - Functions Menu - Zoom - adjust away to your hearts content

Big Thank You also to everyone here especially raymer9 - this has been driving me insane for weeks and I’m really pleased to find this fix worked for me. I was a little confused about which menu I had to click ‘Alt’ before opening, so if it helps to clarify what worked for me, it was to open up the ridiculously wide (like 3 or 4 screens wide) channel strip (not the mix console) , drag it right over to the LHS so you can see the ‘V’-like menu drop-down button. Then hold down Alt and click the drop-down - that gave me the extra ‘Reset Channel Settings Window’ item and selecting it reduced the crazy channel width back to norm,al. Screen shot attached showing this - hope it helps somebody not lose as much hair/workflow as I did.

Open a CHANNEL SETTINGS dialogue box
Go to WINDOWS menu item
Go down to ‘WINDOWS…’ - it will show you a list of open windows
Select CHANNEL SETTINGS from the list
Hit the RESET LAYOUT button the right
Then hit OK

That did the trick for me when nothing else worked.
(On C10 - I don’t know if previous versions have this option?)