Channel splitter objects in Cubase Element 10.5


Maybe this is a silly question. But are there “channel Splitter objects” in Cubase as in Logic?

Channel splitter objects

A channel splitter routes MIDI events by channel. Every MIDI event received at the channel splitter input is automatically routed to the output that corresponds to its MIDI channel. If no cable is connected to the corresponding output channel strip, the event is rerouted to the SUM output (at the top).

I am trying to route Final midi channels to cubase instrument channels. My instrument in Finale has output to IAC driver set to channel 1 ( as grand piano), and my instrument track in cubase has input from IAC driver and output to a pad in Halion Sonic 3 patch.

I tried rewire with IAC driver, I don’t get any midi signals in my instruments tracks Cubase except an stereo rewire channel (Mix-L + Mix-R). I am trying this method to see if I can help help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



As far as I understand the description, the MIDI > Dissolve Part function would do the same. Just distribute MIDI Notes (and other data) based on the Channel to multiple tracks.

Hi Martin,

I am afraid the object works in a real-time ( given midi events on a track or generated in real-time from a midi synth), it then routes a midi event to desired output of multiple midi/instrument tracks, say track 1, 2 and 3.

I think, one can mimic this in pro version:

  1. from notation software, route the staff ( piano) to a IAC port and channel. Say channel 1, now create a midi track in cubase and have the channel input set to IAC driver and use midi transformer to filter all channels except channel 1. I assume when finale is plays back,it will send MIDI to Cubase, and cubase will play sounds and we showed be able to record the events in the cubase midi track!!! as in here.


Yes, the Logic’s object work in real time, you are right.

Would Input Transfer help to distribute the right MIDI data (based on the Channel) to the right track?

Actually… What is the use case here?

As I mentioned it in my OP, one of the use cases is to route Notation Software MIDI to Logic ( using IAC driver).

Here is another use case:
also check this up Channel Splitter works in an environment:

Maybe input transformer can be used in Cubase pro and saving the inspector as track preset. I need to try it when I am on Cubase pro.


For the use case with the layering, what about to use MIDI Sends in Cubase. Then you can distribute one MIDI source track to multiple tracks at once.

What you could also use is Shared Copy in Cubase. You could record the source once. Then you would make the Shared Copies of this MIDI Part to the other tracks. Then these shared copies are sharing the same source. So once you change anything in one of the shared copy, all other shared copies are following immediately.

To me these solutions look even more efficient than the one in Logic.

Thank you Martin for the great tips with MIDI sends and Shared Copy!