Channel Splitter?


Is there a way to replicate the function of Logic’s channel splitter in Cubase for separating incoming MIDI from the IAC bus into different channels?

Many thanks!

If I understand the question correctly, you can use global, local, or MIDI track insert effect ‘transformers’ to alter or echo MIDI events as they enter the DAW.

The track insert variant of the MIDI transformer can be set pre-or-post track output, and it can be set to only work in real-time, or to also be recorded onto the track.

If your end objective is more like, “Echoing a single track to play the same thing over multiple channels or instruments/plugins”, then you’ll want to use MIDI Sends on “MIDI Tracks”. You get up to 4 of them on MIDI Tracks. Note, these options do not show up on “instrument tracks”, so if you had been working on an instrument track, it might be necessary to make a MIDI track routed to play through your initial Instrument track, and move the parts you want to echo to multiple channels/instruments onto that.

The idea is to use the MIDI Sends tab of the track inspector, and simply leave the effect slot blank if you do not want one of the effects. Yet, you can still select an output for the send.

Ah! I found the transformer but didn’t know that they can be pre or post and can be recorded to the track. Excellent info. Thanks, Brian!