Channel strip and EQ bypassed until "edit channel settings"

Hey guys,
Was just mixing a project in 8.5.1. Took a break for the night. Opened the session in the morning and it just didn’t sound right. I soloed a track to hear what was going on, and as soon as I hit the “edit channel settings” button on the track, the sound changed back to the way I remembered it. I haven’t had time to see if all of the channel strip settings are affected, but I can definitely say that the EQ is affected.

8.5.1 64
win 10 64

ok, so this is happening in 8 as well. I noticed that clicking on the channel in the edit window will bring it back to life as well.

Ooh man, this is bad, I’ll check what 8.5.1 does at my studio tonight (do not have 8 installed anymore due to small SSD)

Ok, It seems I have found a cause to this issue. It’s happening on any channel that I use the new “drag and drop” setting in the mixer.
Click on channel in mixer, hold alt, drag to new channel. The inserts work as expected, but EQ does not change unless the “edit channel settings” box is brought to the foreground. This issue carries over to the song after it’s been closed and reopened. Same thing. have to open channel settings box for eq to kick in