Channel strip and reverb vst plugins


A question about using the channel strip and vst plug ins. Are they “software” versions of the dsp effects or are they hard wired to the dsp itself? Do they cause any latency?


Both. You can use the onboard dsp effects for latency free monitoring. You also have the choice of recording the effects or just monitor them as you record. You can then use the same effects as VST plugin, (software), like you would use any other plugin.

I know this is an older thread, but how does one record with them as opposed to just monitoring them? I have the channel strip set to "INST FX) as opposed to “MON FX” but the effects do not record, nor is there any movement on the level on the DAW panel in the dspFX window. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Burndog,

I did a search and am wondering the same thing. Nobody here responds it seems. Where is the tech support? I can’t figure out out record with these dsp effects. I can’t get any sound out of the reverb for that matter.

The instructions in the manual are not clear. How do I set up reverb effects for a specific send channel for recording? I am not using Cubase but I was told by the sales guy that the DSP effects work in any DAW.

It was confusing to me at first and I have Cubase.
I’m not sure how it works with other DAW’s. You can use the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip as a VST. If you still can’t get it to work I would open a ticket with Steinberg support.