Channel strip - feature request

Can the channel strip modules please be accessible from the edit window in the inspector pain.
it would make automating and editing faster and easier since the plugin will be right next to the audio wave gui.

also side note, still in Nuendo 12 the compressor channel strip module attack time isn’t fast enough, it isn’t catching the very first peaks (like 5 ms) of the audio file even in it’ fastest (0.1 ms) setting, I asked about this before and didn’t get an answer, is it a bug or a something else?

You have to set the detection to peak…

I did that. Try it, set the detection to peak and then set your attack to the fastest.
then render in place and you’ll see that the very first few milliseconds of the peak make it through.

I don’t see the problem.
As long as it sounds as it should, there is all good.

Thing is it’s such a short spike you won’t hear it, but it’s there, and can cause true peaks overs.

Hi SizMixing,

can you upload the crucial part of your audio file here or send it to me via p.m.


Hi SizMixing,
Compressors generally do NOT affect the initial transients of a waveform.
What you need to use is a LIMITER. That might be the plug in that can affect those transients.

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In my opinion a compressor is the wrong tool for specification peak compliance, you should use a brickwall limiter for that.

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I agree that limiters should be used for peak reduction, but that’s not my point here.

What I’m getting at is the insert compressor and channel strip compressor yeild different results with the same settings, take a look at the pick below.

The Channel Strip Compressor doesn’t have look-ahead (“Live” mode is always enabled). This avoids introducing latency into the signal path.

Please use the plug-in version if you need more precision.


Aaah I see, ok thanks for clarifying that for me.