Channel Strip GR on the Meterbridge

Ermm , ive never used the meter bridge on the mix console before so to some it might seem like a stupid question but how long have we had gain reduction on the Meter bridge ?

If you mean the gain reduction meter triggered by the strip channel compressor, so… I think, not shure, we have it since 7 (or 8?) version. Anyone can confirm?

Oh, only for the built-in channel strip compressors? It’d be cool if we could visualize the entire channel’s gain reduction.

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Yes, I think this must have been with v7 (2012/13 era.?) when the new Mix Console with ChannelStrip stuff was first introduced.

Yes, it really would.!

There was an example someone posted of how they have this in PT - there’s a main GR meter alongside the channel meter AND individual small GR meters against each plugin compressor slot (who support the function) in the Inserts section. So, you get to see overall GR of the channel, plus separate GR for each plugin, at the same time (if inserts window is opened). Sadly having looked I can’t find it now…

I love forums , non of you really know if it was introduced with the new Channel strip from day one or whether it was a feature request to turn up in a version later but your still posting :rofl:

And yet you posted in one.