Channel Strip making digital clicks noises

Hi everyone,
I was getting crazy trying to discover where this click noises where coming from.
and after I started bypassing things on and off in the mixer I discovered that bypassing the channel strip off the clicks where gone.
I never had this issue working with cubase 6.5,
I’m working using samplers with vienna ensamble pro 5, with a lot of samplers loaded( play 3, kontakt 5), and in the 32 bit version of Cubase 7.0.1. But I think this is irrelevant as I’m pretty sure that this clicks are coming from the channel strip as this never happens to me before.

Here there are two examples:

Cliping example ( at 01 second- 14 second) ( channel strip on)

No cliping example( channel strip bypassed)

Can some one report this also?

Thanks guys :wink:

It’s the second file that is clipping !

I dont know which file you play first, but if you listen carefully with headphones the first link has the clips