Channel strip midi controller option?

Hello all!

First time here, bought cubase 13 two months ago and enjoying it so far.
I’m wondering about few things but let’s say I want to control few things in channel strip when mixing.

Such as : Gain(pre), eq active/ on/off and frequency, gain, low&high cut active and frequency control

Is it possible with any midi controller?

For my workflow able to control those are going to help a lot I think.
Let me know if any device is capable of!

Hi and welcoe to the forum,

Yes, you can do so by using MIDI Remote or Quick Controls.

Oh yeah?

Thanks! Thought that was not possible. Now going to deep dive in midi controller and remote function in cubase :).

Btw I installed metagrid last night and it seems like offer a lot of things. Maybe metagrid will be perfect for what I need