Channel strip module 'exclusive mode' doesn't open up

Hey guys one question here. C9 WIN user here.

Was thinking of throwing a channel strip on my recording chain for monitoring

and figured out that there is ‘exclusive mode’ for channel strip modules.

Hovering mouse cursor over the title bar of a module, opens up a message ‘shift+click to open in exclusive mode’

But shift+click doesn’t open up anything at all.

Have googled it but no info whatsoever but the fact that it’s been around since version 7 or so.

You guys have any ideas on this or is this just a bug???

Thanks in advance.

It’s marvelous what you’ll find on the Google…like this short reference…

Exclusive mode for channel
strip modules Individual channel strip modules can now be shown in exclusive mode to improve overview on small monitors. Exclusive Mode is accessed with the menu button beside the Racks button in the MixConosle toolbar then select “Show One Channel Strip Type”.


Thanks! Now it makes sense