Channel Strip modules and surround

Innocent questions:

  1. are all the Channel Strip modules on a 7.1.4 track, say, 7.1.4?
  2. And do these modules use less memory and CPU than inserted VST plugins?
  1. Yes.
  2. They are using the same resources as the corresponding plugins.
    Every module has a plugin with the same functionality.
  1. Good news, it simplifies things. I think the quality of Steinberg’s in-house plugins is excellent, so it reduces the need (and purchase) of surround plugins.
  2. I meant compared to plugins from other manufacturers, with equivalent functions.

ad 1.: Yes, AFAIK. There is no info about channel-interdependencies when it comes to multi-channel dynamics, though. I strongly suspect the side-chains being a sum of all individual inputs in these cases, so you might be better off with 3rd-party products anyway.

ad 2.: There is no hard and fast rule for all Strip processors. There might be a few 3rd party plug-ins that do their job even more economically than their Steinberg counterpart, but by and large the Strip is known to be highly efficient.

Thank you, Dietz. Worrying, if only sums. I don’t know if Steinberg could answer that. So I’ll trust my other plugins. For the moment, what works best is my Vienna Pro Suite (little known by surround people, though, I don’t know why): VIENNA SUITE PRO - Vienna Symphonic Library (

I also try with Fabfilter (Pro Q3 and Pro Limiter), but I can’t get the right number of outpouts.

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Dietz knows the Vienna system very well… :wink:

Yes, it’s not far, as I’ve just seen…

You might be interested in this presentation (I cued it to the relevant chapter), where Justin Gray has an in-depth discussion of the challenges of dynamics in high channel count mixes (9.1.6), and particularly the side-chain issue. For the most part you may have to treat the side-chain on an aux bus before using it in the dynamics plugins. In which case the capabilities of the dynamics plugins are all pretty much comparable (i.e. doesn’t matter that it just sums, you may actually do the summing ahead of time to taste)

If you have time, the entire 3hr video is worth the watch.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look (I’d already watched other videos of this interesting type).