Channel Strip Presets

Just wondering if I’m missing something obvious or is it something for my wishlist.
I’m just starting to look at channel strip presets. Now I know many comments here have said they’re not much good, but for someone learning, they are a great starting point.
Now, if I load an insert effect and select a preset, I can go back to it at any time & see which preset I’m using.
But with channel strip presets I can’t.

Track one, vocal track. Load a vocal channel strip preset
Track two, bass track. Load a bass channel preset.
Continue & come back to your track in a weeks time :slight_smile:
Click on load channel preset in the vocal track. It doesn’t display what is currently there. It displays the last one selected in any of the channel strips.
So, apart from using the mix console notepad, is there anywhere that tells me which preset I’m using in any track?
Just a niggle

Notepad :neutral_face:

I dunno. I should get into Notepad a bit more. It could have saved my behind in the past for sure with the whole 32->64 and the bridge thing, oh yeah the PPC/Intel thing.

Logically editing, is there a way to transfer preset name into Notepad? Just an idea.