Channel Strip - Track Presets Audio vs VST3 track types?

hi all I made a Track Preset with Channel Strip on an audio track , when I open a VST3 I don’t see the preset ? I know one an Instrument and one an Audio track but the channel strip does the same thing on both . is there a way to see it across all track types ?

I have worked out you can copy and paste between Audio Tracks and VST and re save but seem pointless

Maybe some reformatting will make sense to others… I have no idea what you are trying to do.

Sorry maybe typos , just trying tonload track presets across all track types

This is not possible, since a track preset for a MIDI track will load on a MIDI track only, for example.
There are VST presets available for the used processes or plugins.

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Ok but you can copy and paste channel strip from an audio track to a midi track which is odd

No you can’t. MIDI tracks have no channel strip.
Maybe you mean the instrument track?

I was talking about instrument track , which use vst3 like kontakt , I can copy and paste from audio to inst… but can’t load the preset , which to me seems odd and not right

Again, track presets contain data not available on all tracks.
A track preset for an instrument track contains information about the instrument as well, but an audio track has no instrument and a MIDI track has no audio part.

Okay thanks … for me if copy and paste works , then why not let the parts of the preset that share there settings work as well .