channel strip vintage compressor

hi when i open the channel strip and turn the vintage compressor on where do i find the ratio ?

win 7 64bit 7.05

when i m in the console window…

Aloha h,

I don’t think you can.

The ‘Strip’ seems to be there for quick access to
‘main’ parameters and functions.

To manipulate the ‘ratio’ setting you have to
go deeper and open the VC plug as an insert effect.

HTH (hope this helps)

would be nice addition to have 4 small button for ratio in channel strip’s VC or knob to rotate between the 4 ratios (or free selectable by knob not only 4) :bulb:

Nice ideas m.

Many other user requests have been along those same lines
along with the ability to actually load 3rd party plugs directly into the strip.

This to me would be the best of both worlds.

A feature like this would give the user quick access to favorite plugs
with complete control.


not at the DAW but hasn’t the channel edit window got the ratio included ?

wow i ve just realized that it was my first post…:slight_smile: i ve started with sx3 as an edu version…

i ve had a love & hate relation(with extra passion) with cubase…

did i miss the button where i can open the racks for fully editing?