Channel Strip vs Inserts

My mixing skills are pretty basic. To date I’ve always used inserts for EQ and compression, and I’ve never used the Channel Strip.
Is there any advantage to using the Channel Strip or is it just down to personal preference and convenience?

Mostly personal preference, I’d say. One advantage of the channel strip eq might be that you can configure the mix console to display all the channel eq curves and have them visible on each channel, if you want that.
And of course it’s “always there”, I do use the EQ sometimes for a quick fix, even if I use other equalizers or channel strip plugins.


They’re neatly integrated and resource efficient. I use them a lot as bread and butter tools and go for inserts when I need something specific. I also combine them so channel strip takes care of general shaping and control while inserts add color or extra spice. I like them.


This way is how I use it too. Almost all low-mids cleaning (250-500 Hz) take place there, aside of course of filters (high pass and low pass). If something else or something fancier is needed, that is done with inserts. Some needed comp or saturation can be done very quickly there too.

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