Channel Strips

How do I show the channel strips in the Mixer?

They don’t appear in the lower zone Mixer: they only appear in the separate Mixer window. (This is something we may change in future.)

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But I don’t see how to make them appear there either…

(thanks Daniel)

PS That’s not at all clear in the help file

Start by clicking on the (orange enclosed) buttons for the aspects you want to see.
Make sure the Mixer screen is tall enough to display everything that is available (drag the top).
Drag the “green” line (which will likely be gray on the screen) up or down to size the relative portions of the two mixer sub-panels.

Thanks Derrek, That’s what I would have expected. But there’s no line to drag, and no top panel.

Windows 11

Just to confirm, you are using the Mixer that’s opened with F3 or Window / Mixer right, and not the bottom panel Mixer? To be honest, I find the bottom panel Mixer sort of pointless. Since it doesn’t have these inserts I never use it, but they work fine in the F3 Mixer for me on Win11.

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Ahhhhh, That’s the issue. Daniels comment didn’t sink in

Thank you all

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