Channel swap? L/R

Am I missing or is there no channel swap function (Swapping L/R Channels on a stereo channel) in the channel strip?

while holding down the right hand alt key and with the panner on combi drag the cursor up or down to swap l/r channels :wink:

Hahahaha holy crap, I would have never figured that out! I searched the manual and the forum and couldn’t find anything. Even google search came up with nothing. Thanks!!! :smiley:

Hah interesting, on mine it works without holding the Alt key, just click in the combined panner and move the mouse up and down. In fact, I managed to grab the left side of the bar and drag it to the right to make the bar orangy which indicates it’s panned in reverse.

I also use ‘Stereo Pan by Jim Hewes’ for most of my panning and stereo levelling needs. I’d love to give you a download but I can’t find it anymore!


if you do it without holding down the ALT key then swapping the channels does not stay centralized on my pc but hay it works with the alt (only the right hand Alt thou )

Glad you found it useful :wink:

The neat part is it works in the inspector as well :wink:

Aha, there’s method in them modifier buttons… Here’s my interpretation, an interesting refresher!

The ‘right Alt key’ I think is actually a keyboard hardware shortcut of ‘Ctrl-Alt’, which links both L & R together while adjusting.

While the Alt key (on the left) locks adjustment to only one side of the panner, depending on which 1/2 you click in first.

Ctrl key resets to default position, fully panned L/R.

Shift goes slowly.

These keys have similar functions in many other places, e.g. Shift will always give you a slower movement, or a more precise resolution when twiddling a knob and Ctrl will usually default to zero or 12 oclock say.


Just wondering why you all would want to do this in the first place? is this some sort of ninja mixing technique i have yet to learn ?! :smiley:

Great tips here, I was wondering myself. I sometimes use Voxengo’s free MSED plugin too.

@wcb123-Channel swap is useful for moving instruments out the field of another & solving other general balance issues quickly & easily… Sometimes frequencies interfere or moving something in a complete mix can help clear things up.

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Why can’t they just have a small button on the channel strip labeled… L->R/R<-L??? Seems like common sense right?

Seriously why such a cryptic way to do a simple channel swap? I would have had no idea, unless I asked in here. It’s the little stuff like that I find irritating.

Well, I used to prefer the panner style which had two mono pans, top was left, bottom was right. This seemed quite obvious to me. The current version is definitely not so obvious and also difficult to grab the handles when they’re both close to the edge, or close to each other. Steinberg should amalgamate that old method with the new version I think.


Yes! I liked the two mono panner best. Hope they bring it back again, or amalgamate the current with the dual mono panner as you suggest.

For Mac users:
Press Ctrl key + Click on the stereo track.
In the context menu choose: Process -> Stereo flip.

NOTE: right click using mousepad or an attached mouse will not work.