Channel Switch in Expression Maps


I am trying to set up a Channel switch in an Expression Map, so I can playback Fall in Kontakt.
I create a new Expression map and add an Artikulation.
Then I add a channel switch to it.
When I playback, it doesn’t switch the channel.

Any thoughts?

Best Regards


Do you mean that it’s not playing back the fall jazz articulation? If so, that is because it’s not yet implemented, but is high on our list for a future version.

Hi Paul,

Should it make a channel switch, though?
Because that is what I need.
I need to make the articulation make the channel switch.
Then I have a Channel reserved in Kontakt Player, wich only plays back falls.

I actually tried to assign other articulation to make a channel chance without success.

Best Regards

Make sure your expression map has a ‘Natural’ technique defined. All expression maps require this.

Yes it has…

I’m asking whether you are trying to play back jazz falls. If you are then that will explain why it isn’t changing channel, because Dorico doesn’t currently play them.