Channel Tab Issue

Hi, so I just installed Cubase 13 and it seems I can no longer see the linked instrument fader on midi channels in the inspector. I have to use the Channel Tab.

Is there a way to get this feature back?

I’m all for new features and I assume some people will like the Channel Tab, but not at the expense of loosing current features.

I’m sorry if I’m being silly, but have you actually checked that there’s no option to show the audio fader, or is it simply not enabled by default?

I haven’t used midi channels in a while, but for what I do nothing I use has been removed from the Inspector.

So I tried selecting the “fader” option, but it now shows a MIDI fader instead of the linked audio fader unfortunately.

Unless of course I completely missed something, went back to Cubase 12 since I made the post earlier today.

This issue was brought to Steinberg’s attention already. They’ll have a look at whether they want to revert the change of functionality or not.


Okay great! I really hope they do, I don’t want to loose screen real-estate over something that worked really well in the last version.

I have a hunch that this change was done to fix another issue. If I am right it will be hard to go back to the old way.
However, it is only a hunch and I could be wrong.

I’m curious to know what you’re referring to

Just updated to 13.0.20 and the above issue is still there. I’m very afraid Steinberg has removed a really fantastic feature in an attempt to fix something that wasn’t broken :cry:

Can you link to where other people have mentioned this to Steinberg. I would love to +1 it.

I can even link where a Steinberg staff member replied to it.

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Thank you!