Channel visibility configuration does not save Racks


I am pretty sure, this was possible before 8.020:

Under 8.020, if you create in a project a number of channel visibility configs in the mixer view, the choices which racks are visible are seemingly saved once you create the channel visibility config.

Hence, once you change the the racks choices later and switch between visibility configs, it will show the racks that were in visiblity at the time of creation of that setting.

In my mind, it would be more practical if the racks choices were up for saving inside the channel viz config (= would prompt towards the asterisk showing that you can actualize the config).

I am not 100% sure it was included in earlier versions; if not it be a request for the future.
(Mind you, it is being saved whether the racks are collapsed or unfolded, too… so why not the racks choices?)

kind regards