Channel Visibility Configuration mode to NOT add new channels and fix ordering and racks

Every time a new track is added it shows up in every visibility setting.
I use 14 different settings, and having to manually remove every single new track from every setting is infuriating. Makes the whole thing unusable.

Also the order in the selector does not match the track order, so the frustration is compounded.

Also the rack select setting is broken and doesn’t save.

Bringing this FR back.

I think there needs to be a way to work dynamically with Channel Visibility. As oqion is saying above, if you ever need to add tracks to your project, all your Channel Visibility Configurations will likely have to be updated. That is too cumbersome.

At the very least, I would propose that the visibility state of tracks inside Folder Tracks mirrors that of its most parent folder by default.
Another idea is to add a third visibility state- “Parent”, where the visibility follows its parent track.
I’m sure there has to be better ways in handling track visibility in dynamic projects with large track counts.

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I would like two things for visiblity configurations.

  • a) Lock configuration. This way, you could lock any configuration that you don’t want tracks added to. Any unlocked configuration would get the track added to it. Or b) When a track is added, it’s added only to the currently active visibility configuration.

  • Exclusive mode / Additive mode. Exclusive mode is what we have now. Additive mode would allow configurations to act like group visibility toggles. Example: 1 group of 12 tracks is configuration A. Another group of 8 tracks is configuraion B. Starting with all tracks hidden, we activate visibility A, we get 12 tracks visible. We activate B, we get 20 tracks (12 from A + 8 from B). Press A again, be left with B. Etc. Etc.

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I would love this. I know you commented in my thread about visibility shortcomings, but it’s worth repeating.
There is currently no know way of consistently toggle the visibility in the MixConsole of a predefined selection of tracks or channels.

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I’m thinking of typing up a separate post discussing the shortcomings of the different methods of showing and hiding tracks.
Right now if feels as if there are several systems in play and they are fighting each other. Some commands only work when the project window is in focus, Synchronizing Track and Channel Visibility is a good idea but not when the project window and mix console have separate Track Visibility Configuration systems, instruments with multiple outputs enabled doesn’t respond to visibility commands, setting up Mixer 2 & 3 for alternative view is viable except you have to remember to not change the Track Visibility Configuration of that mixer, and on and on…

I can’t imagine I’m the only user who struggles with track visibility in large projects?
I would be nice to have a quick and intuitive system that would work seamlessly between both the mix console and project window.

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It’s been a year since this post was created.
Is steinberg planning to do anything about the issue OP described ?

Configurations are a great idea but this issue makes it basically unpracticable… :disappointed:

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