Channel Visibility Configurations

I’ve been playing with Cubase 7.5 version and I’m very happy with this upgrade, because for my work flow everything works ok(faster, smooth, with tons of great features), except for the above mentioned Channel Visibility Configurations - be it either in a track or mixconsole view. On my old Cubase 7.062 this worked and still does as it was supposed to - clicking on each configuration preset selects / shifts the focus of the configured items (e.g. audio channels, groups, fx , vst instruments…) along with the preconfigured racks display etc. But on this new cubase 7.5 installation nothing happens when i change config.presets … i see the horizontal slide bar at the bottom of the mixconsole moves a bit ,but the focus of the channel in the central view doesnt move no matter what i click.The only thing that works is when i select one of the tracks in the visibility window - only then the selected track in the mixconsole jumps to the center of my screen . Is there some new setting somewhere that woul allow this things to work as i described?
Anyone noticed this?(i searched thru the forums but couldn’t find any referenced posts)


Just to bump my old question - where I still haven’t figured it out …
On my 7.06 cubase version things work as I want them to - if I chose one of the Channel visibility Configuration “presets” … meaning clicking on the selected number box in the upper left corner of my Mixer, the channel focus displays as it was stored (this is useful at least for me, where I can quickly “move” from lets say the first audio channel being on the top of the list to the FX or group channels which are at the bottom, with one single click) .
My question again is - this feature doesn’t work anymore as described in Cubase 7.5.So can anyone confirm that ( my work around at the moment is - I click on the desired channel on the far left track visibility list and then “scroll to the selected channel” feature puts my selected channel in the middle of my Mix console)