Channel visibility option to include new tracks

It would be very handy to have a preference to give the option of automatically adding new tracks to pre-existing visibility presets.

Currently the behavior is visibility presets in the arranger do not include new tracks added AFTER the visibility preset was created. Conversely, visibility presets in the mixer include ALL new tracks added after the visibility preset was created.

Perhaps I should call it inheritance? If I have a folder called ‘drums’ and an arranger visibility preset called ‘drums only’ with that folder flagged as visible, we should have the option that the contents of that folder are automatically included in said visibility preset even if the contents were created after the visibility preset. Conversely, a mixer visibility preset called ‘drums only’ should ONLY show the contents of the ‘drums’ folder that is flagged as visible.

Even though I’ve created a template with folders and visibility presets for different types of tracks (bass, drums, synths, etc) I have to do a lot of clicking for the visibility agents to work well. Select the mixer preset, deselect all the new tracks I don’t want, update the preset. Select the arranger preset, select all the new tracks i DO want, update the preset. If the visibility presets were more intelligent about handling folders, no extra clicking would be needed as both the arrangement and mixer visibility presets would automatically update.


Visibility works OK, until you start adding new tracks after you’ve already set up your visibility groups…

+1 …

+1. Well said , as it functions now it’s useless , especially in a professional work environment

+1 , it´s a mystery why such an obvious function is not there already

In my opinion this is essential for a clean workflow.

Anybody knows if this has been changed/fixed in C8.5?

Many thanks

Is this what you mean?

[FR] Newly created tracks should not be added to the existing visibility preset

  1. Create 4 Audio Tracks “a, b, c, d”
  2. Create Visibility Preset called “abcd”
  3. Hide track “c, d”
  4. Create Visibility Preset called “ab”
  5. Add two tracks “e, f”
  6. Select the visibility preset “ab”
    Problem: Even though you select the “ab” preset still the tracks “e” and “f” are shown in the preset.

The feature request implyes that the tracks “e” and “f” are not added to the visibility preset. So when you select the visibility preset “ab” the newly added tracks “e” and “f” should again disappear and you should only see track “a” and “b”.

We will investigate.


Hi Jan,

my problem with c8 is the following:

  1. Create “Drums” folder: that includes tracks “a,b,c,d”
  2. Create Visibility Preset called “Drums”
  3. Create a new track “e” inside “Drums” folder
  4. Create a new track “f” outside “Drums” folder
  5. Select the visibility preset “drums”
    Problem: all I see is “abcd” and “f”.

What I would like to see is “abcde” and no “f”

Any suggestion?

I know I could update the visibility preset with the new track but dealing with very busy projects this is something I can’t handle and I’d like the software to update the presets for me.

Thanks for your Input :slight_smile:

You repro conclusion is not correct…

Problem: all I see is “abcd” and “f”.
What I would like to see is “abcde” and no “f”

Should state

"Problem: all I see is “abcde” and “f”.
What I would like to see is “abcde” and no “f”

Yes exactly as you wrote.
In my case I’d love to have a folder visibility preset so that I can tie a preset to one or multiple folders instead of tracks.

I did buy v8 because of the visibility option. From the start it didn’t work as expected:

I found a workaround with the PLE, but it only works with Rack Instruments (nowadays also a known bug).

Hoping some good comes from this…!

Hi Jan, any progress on this issue? In another post I have suggested options, add new track to current visibility project configuration only, add new track to all visibility project configurations , or add new track to project only ( will not show in any visibility configuration but will always show at top of project until added to a visibilty configuration like the tempo track for example )


Definitely a feature I would use all the time if implemented with ease of use in mind.

New tracks being added to all configurations ruins this otherwise awesome idea.

Yeah let’s bump this thread,however the thread
title is confusing… I don’t understand how a feature advertised as track visibilty, doesn’t save the integrity of the visibilty setting when a new track is added to a project.

For example if I add a violin midi track in my orchestra visibilty setting, the violin track appears in all 8 visibilty settings…not as advertised please fix .