Channel widths for individual channel configs

I don’t know if this is already possible but I’d like to be able to set channel widths in the mixer independently for individual visibility mix configurations. An example:

I have a template of around 60 tracks. Some for vocal/instrument audio tracks, then the usual midi/instrument channels, busses & FX etc. I have 4 mixer configurations - one for audio tracks, one for midi/instrument tracks, one for busses/fx channels & one for all hardware input/outputs.

As some of the mixer configs have less tracks and some (like midi) have a lot of tracks it’s be great to be able to set channel widths that are specific to one particular configuration. So my audio mixer config (8 tracks) would be larger to make use of the screen space, while I could narrow the width for the midi/instrument config to fit all of the tracks into the view without having to scroll.

Is this already possible? It seems channel widths are global across mixer configs. I know I can see up multiple mixers for each group type but I plan to make more than 3 configurations and i find flicking between configs in one mixer much better.