channels become unlinked (bug)

I link two (or more) channels and change all volume faders proportionally by dragging only one of them. When I come back, dragging affects only the channel I nudge and the others stay as is, although the link seems to still be there. I try unlinking and re-linking them and it still does not work. What is going on? (Cubase Arist 9.5.50 running on Windows 10 pro 64 bit)


Is the Volume parameter linked?

Wouldn’t it be better to use VCA fader (what is also a Link in Cubase, actually)?

Yes, I am talking about linking the volume faders together at the MixConsole.
What are VCA faders? Is this pro only?


Yes, VCA are Cubase Pro only.

Btw, how exactly did you link the channels?

I press shift, I click on each one of them, selecting them, right click, “link selected channels”.
The behavior does not happen every time, but it is strange when it does, and it is NOT a rare thing to happen, once it began…


Could yo make a video screen recording, when it happens, please? Maybe we will see something around.