Channels Bleeding through

I have a Yamaha MG10XU mixer connected to Cubase via USB stereo output from the mixer after successfully Installing the ASIO driver. I have a guitar in channel1 and a Mic in channel 2. No matter how I setup inputs and outputs on two tracks I always get the guitar bleeding though to the Mic track and vis versa. I set the pan on mixer channel 1 all the way left and on the channel 2 all the way right. Is it a problem with the mixer ? Setup ? Please help

Just a guess, but does that mixer have fx?
If you have reverb on those tracks and they’re setup as stereo tracks I can see you getting guitar reverb in the mic channel and vice versa.
It sounds like something isn’t set up right on the mixer to me anyway.

Yes, THANKS! the FX (Reverb) on the mixer is Output in Stereo.

Nice one, glad I guessed it right :wink: