Channels order in the Song Mixer Group

Hi all,

it is not clear to me if, for the channels grouped inside the special mixer group called Song, the saving of the position of each single channel is foreseen.

Apparently it seems that, within the special Song group, for channels associated with audio tracks the position of the channel in the group is saved, while for channels associated with midi tracks the position of the channel in the group is not saved.

Maybe there is some kind of policy where the order can’t be completely enforced by the user, but is somehow constrained by rules I don’t know about?

As always, thanks for the support.

Cannot confirm this.
New project, create 3 audio and 3 MIDI tracks. In Mixer, order audio 1, 3, 2, and MIDI 4, 6, 5, save, exit, load: all good. Do you have another repro?

Hi @musicullum,

it’s really strange, actually if I create a new project, put in some audio and midi tracks, I can reorder as I like, save and get exactly the order I set.

However, if I try to do the same actions on the final project I’m carrying out in the rehearsal room, reopening the project and analyzing the order of the channels in the special Song group, sometimes I get a different order from the one I saved, sometimes the same order from which I had left before reordering and saving.

What could ever be different in the final project, apart from the complexity due to the presence of other components such as stacks, layers, lyrics, etc? :roll_eyes:

Hi @musicullum,

I think I’ve found the cause of the issue which should lie in using the duplicate track function (apparently it only happens with midi tracks).

Try creating any song with a certain number of audio and midi tracks, arrange them in the special Song Group channel so that the audio-related channels are present first and then the midi-related channels, then use the duplication function and duplicate a track midi.

At this point, if you try to bring the channel related to the duplicated track before the audio ones (or even any channel related to the audio track after the duplicated track) into the mixer, then save and reopen the project, you should notice the anomaly about the order you imposed on the channels and what you get.

I await your feedback. :blush:

Hi @musicullum,

a kind reminder for the test case I described in my last post. :slight_smile:

… yes, we are on the way and keep you posted when we have fixed it. A good idea to push reports to the Top of the forum. Thank you.


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