Channels placement in the Mix Console


How to change the channels position in the Mix Console? I was told it depended on the placement in the sequencer but it seems not. I’d like to have my drums, vocals or pads grouped.

Thanks for your help.

There are now 3 “Zones” that you can group. Left, Middle, Right. But the will still follow the order that is in the project window.

In the mix console make sure the channel selector window is open (left side track listing thing). On the top of that is a Zones tab. Click that. Now choose where you want a track grouped Left/Right. Anything else will be Middle.

Open the VST instruments folder in the Project window track list (your VST instruments and their channels are listed in this folder).
Open the VST instrument(s) channels.
You can drag and drop the channels in any order you want, even between different VST instruments. These changes will be reflected in the Mix Console.