ChannelStrip mEdit issue

Hi, I was expecting that this code:

var selectedTrack=page.mHostAccess.mTrackSelection.mMixerChannel

var onOffSection=selectedTrack.mInsertAndStripEffects.mStripEffects.mCompressor


would open/close the Channel Strip’s Compressor (if of course there is one inserted).

I’ve checked:

        console.log("in compressor edit arg2="+arg2+" arg3="+arg3)

and it (correctly) states On and Off, BUT the window is not opening/closing.

I’m talking about the (e) button here:

Perhaps I misunderstood it, but I had to guess that the mEdit would behave the same way as in the mInsertAndStripEffects.makeInsertEffectViewer where it correctly opens/closes the targeted insert effect.