Chant notation/lyrics

Very interested in this software. Looking forward to giving it a shot.

I work in a church situation and engrave chant nearly every day.
Is there any chance that Dorico will support an alternate notation like Chant notation in the future.

In the mean time, creating chant using modern notation (i.e. no time signatures, no stems, alternative bar lines, etc.) would be highly useful to me. The method used in Finale is very tedious (creating a new time signature for each measure of chant). Has the Dorico team come up with more efficient way to input notes in this manner?

Also, I often engrave so-called “fauxbourdon” for choirs. This includes starting phrases out with many syllables under one reciting tone, then proceeding to metered music for several measures following. How would Dorico handle lyrics in this situation.

In short, could you outline any flexibility in how the program handles lyrics and non-metered music like chant?

Congratulations on all of your work so far. Very excited to try it out.

Certainly Dorico will make unmeasured chant music much easier to create than in other scoring programs, because it has true support for open meter. You can make bars as long or as short as you like!

At the moment we don’t have an option to draw notes without stems and flags or beams, but I’m sure this is something we can add at some point in the relatively near future, if perhaps not in time for version 1.0 then shortly afterwards.

I am also a church musician and often need to write psalms. They start on a reciting tone followed by some stemless notes. I know how to make the notes stemless by moving the stem. However, does Dorico have this type of note (a line on either side of the notehead) for the reciting tone?
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 2.30.24 PM.png

At the moment, the only option for breve is square; I’d like to see an option to change that soon.

Thank you. That’s too bad. It is unusable. I hate going back to the other programme.

If you search back through Daniel’s post’s, one of them has a short file one can download and use if one wants the rounded Breve (double whole note) notation instead of the squared version.

To the OP, if you’re in Finale I’d take a look at the plugin Medieval 2. I can only hope that one day Dorico will be similar or that the plugin developer will port it over to Dorico. I know that many (most?) Dorico users are currently also working in their pre-dorico programs as well until things are a touch more fully baked. This might be what you need to do in the meantime.

I found the thread containing Daniels post with the round-breve template. Here is is: