Chaotic Flow Headers when changing music frames

I love the new Flow Headers in Dorico 2.2. I’ve been patiently waiting for something like from day one. :wink:

Unfortunately I noticed a problem:

  1. Create some Flows
  2. Change the music frames in Engrave Mode
    Result: Often the Flow Headers are doubled and/or shown in chaotic ways.

    I noticed this won’t happen if you change the music frames on the master page layouts!

    I stumbled upon that while trying to shorten the music frames to get specific flows to start on new pages which would be a great option to add. Like Right click on a flow and choose “force to start on new page”.

When using flow headers, you can’t resize a music frame in that way on a per-layout override basis without running the risk of some problems like this. If you need to make room at the bottom of a page for a footnote or something like that, make a new master page where the music frame stops an appropriate distance from the bottom of the page, and use a “this page only” master page change to use that master page.

Good workaround. Thanks!