Charging for the update from v4 to v5?!?!

I know there is a ton of effort that goes into VST connect and I don’t want to come off as ungrateful to the team but I can’t help but feel like Steinberg charging for an update from v4 to v5 is a giant slap in the face. Vst connect, from my own experience and what I gather on the forum, has never really worked well- I’ve only gotten it to run smoothly 2 or 3 times and the rest ended up in lost HD files, crashes, misplaced events resulting in hours wasted. I’ve been with Steinberg since Cubase 4 and I know that the upgrade price isn’t much but it’s principle.

There are many more other opinions though. You should try version 5, maybe it changes yours as well :slight_smile:

Hello musi and hello outloaf,

right musi, your team has brought in many suggestions from the users, you put a lot of effort into this project, there is no doubt about it!
The interface is really more pleasant!
After my tests so far, the 5 version runs very stable on my system!

But there are still a few problems with “Get HD Files”.
You will get that under control, I’m sure!
What surprises me a bit is that audio data is recorded by the performer exactly at the right timing.
MIDI played by the Performer, but has such a big delay that it is difficult to record live. I even claim it has no purpose.

@outloaf: on the other hand, the 5 version is a new software with more options, not only a bugfix.
And this update is with 37 bucks not so expensive.
In this forum i mean, we can help together to get a real good tool, to stay in contact with some colleages in the lockdown.