Chase automation value?


If i have On/Off automation to control for example “Swam micro-tuning”

in the bar 1 (On) … and the bar 20 (Off)

The problem is
Cubase doesn’t sent the automation values “On/Off” unless the cursor passes through the automation points

Exp: If i play to the bar number 21 or any time after Bar 20 (automation OFF) then back to bar 3 or 5 or any bar doesn’t have automation On/Off point… Cubase doesn’t sent the correct value “first bar point”
I have to playback from the Bar 1 to get the Microtunihg On again

Any solutions to make Cubase re-send the value regardless of the automation points places?

I know that I can add many points to make Cubase re -send the value every time the cursor passes through the point , but this is not a solution.

I found an easy solution, although I have been facing this problem for a long time with On/Off automation

Only I have to change the value of one of the “On” points for a little different value

Now, the value will continue change while project playing , and Cubase keeps send the value to the instrument track moment by moment
But if there is an automatic way /Option… such as “Reset Midi on Stop” feature, I don’t know, I will be grateful to know