Chase controller between MIDI parts on same track?

I run in to this issue all the time and have to use complicated work-arounds: if I have two MIDI parts on the same track, but with blank space between them, Cubase never correctly chases the controllers. So, for example, if I start on the second part, the controllers and expression map settings from the first one are not correctly chased (seems like it works sometimes, sometimes not).

If the MIDI track is one continuous part then it correctly chases the controllers.

Is there some setting that tells Cubase to chase the MIDI data between parts on the same track?



You can set chase Events in the Preferences dialogue, MIDI page. The Chase Events settings determine which event types will be chased when you locate to a new position and start playback.

Can you check this settings?

Yes - I have the chase settings correctly set up in the preferences dialog box. As I said, it works as long as the MIDI data are in a continuous part. But when I have multiple parts on a single track, it does not correctly chase some of the controllers and expression maps.

It’s the expression maps that are the biggest pain - the other controllers are not as much of an issue.

It seems like it works for most of the controllers most of the time but almost never for expression maps.


It should work anytime, when you start playback. It doesn’t depend on the track, and regions, if they are merged, or split. Personaly, I have no problem with this. It just works, how I expect.

OK - there must be something incorrectly configured on my system.

How many expression map articulations do you use on a single track?

And what type are they?



I’m using VSL library with their articulation preset. This is 20+ articulation lines, and really lots of combinations.