Chase Events and External Effects

Hi all,

I’ll try to make you consider two features, inspired by Cubase, to understand what you think about the possibility of bringing them into the VST Live environment.

The first could be the equivalent of Chase Events which concerns midi events: this would clearly be useful in the case of midi tracks that act as automation tracks.

The second is the equivalent of the External Effects which instead concerns the flow of the signal: it is a possibility that is offered by Cubase which I believe can certainly be useful also in VST Live.

Thanking you in advance for your attention.

…is in the making for Midi and DMX.

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Hi @musicullum,

thanks for the prompt reply… and for the External Effects instead? :wink:

At the time, this is too complex. But you can acheive that by routing, using Stacks, i.e. create Out Channel “Fx Send”, send there to your external device, create (possibly global) Stack receiving from external fx.

I confirm that what you suggest in terms of routing works perfectly (I’ve already had the opportunity to implement it), but, obviously, the solution offered by Cubase to manage external effects is more practical and immediate: I hope it can be introduced in VST Live in the future.

Thanks again for the answers.

Hi @musicullum ,

after using midi tracks based on Midi CC messages, as an alternative to automation tracks, I realized during the band’s rehearsals how important it is to have chase events and, for this reason, I resumed this post.

Is there any news on the topic?

Is there any hope that this functionality can be introduced on midi tracks soon?

Yes, we’ll bump it up!

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Great news, but do you have an idea when it might be possible to release this feature?

Obviously I understand that you have specific priorities. :blush:

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

We’ll try to have it for the next release.

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We managed chase events for MIDI for todays’ version, DMX to come soon.

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Thanks @musicullum , great news, even if I tried the functionality a bit it seems to me that it works well, but exclusively for Control Change messages.

Was it really thought of this way? Is it possible to also have the retransmission of other types of messages, in particular Program Changes?

I like this implementation which requires that the chasing takes place on the play and not just by moving the position in the timeline as happens in Cubase. :slight_smile:

It would be great to have the possibility of also configuring which types of midi messages are affected by chase events. :blush:

You are correct, we will add the missing MIDI messages to the chase function. We were a bit in a rush to get it out for this version.
Configuring seems a bit of a stretch, always trying to avoid cluttering with too many options…when would it make sense to not chase anything that changes status during play?

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Under normal conditions I would say that avoiding the chase events never makes sense, but in the past I have come across in the Cubase context in devices that “suffered” the multiple messages that arrived due to the chase events.

This is why I hypothesized a custom management of if and what to chase. :slight_smile: