ChatGPT based on Cubase manuals

If you use ChatGPT, you should try this - CustomGPT based on Cubase knowledge base and manuals - ChatGPT - Cubase Assistant


I’d love to hear from people who are using this tool.

I’m wary of relying on LLMs like ChatGPT for critical information due to their hallucinations, so I’d like to get a read on the accuracy rate of this particular implementation.

If it’s highly accurate, it sure would be a timesaver compared to trying to hunt down information in the 1000+ pages of the Cubase manual, or spending hours on the Internet and forums to try to find an answer to an obscure question!

Mmmm … the manuals tell you what the various functions are, but not how to apply them to achieve a result. They are not tutorials, something that has often been noted here. In fact, if an LLM was trained on the content of the forum, rather than the manuals, I’d be more inclined to trust it!

(… on the other hand, thinking a bit more about that … :scream:)

Ha, right :slight_smile:

One key limitation is that ChatGPT doesn’t have any data that was produced after a few years ago (don’t know the exact date) so it would be info for something like Cubase 10. I assume someday the databases will update in real-ish time, like search engines do now.

I’d find it super useful if an AI could augment the Cubase Manual’s Index to include alternative names & generic entries. Recently I spent way longer than I wanted trying to find some details about the Input Transformer to answer a question here. But there is no entry in the index for “Input Transformer” although it turns out entries exist for “Project Input Transformer” & “Track Input Transformer” - so you need to know the exact name to find it. And that’s not a one-off, similar stuff is all over the place.

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ChatGPT has knowledge until April 2023 currently. Also, these “special GPTs” don’t rely only on that data. When trained on specific things like a manual, it can be as new as the dev makes it. The one that OP posted is based on Cubase 13 it looks like.

Otherwise, what would be the difference between this Cubase GPT and normal ChatGPT?

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Last month it told me this. So they seem to be catching up fast.

I believe they roll out new knowledge cutoffs to different people at different times. Right now mine says April 2023, but may be different for you!