Cheap Dongle - we deserve better quality

Is it possible to get a better quality product than the current e-licenser dongle. I have gone through three dongles this year. They all split right down the center. I have metal jump drives that I have had for years that still look and operate like new. I would be willing to pay more for a better quality dongle. The current dongle, while it’s function is priceless, is not worth the $27 price.
I have been using Cubase exclusively since 94’ and will remain a customer for life - I think that myself and all the other loyal users deserve a better product from Steinberg.

Thank you,
Jay Roebuck

What are you doing to your dongle? There are people here who have been using the same dongle since the Cubase SX days. For most people they’re more likely to stop functioning due to old age than breaking.

Many people agree with the OP, me included. Although my dongle hasn’t broken yet, it’s been cracked since I took it out of the box. They are definitely not as sturdy as they should be, considering the price and the value of the content.
Steinberg announced somewhere they would release a new version of the dongle ‘soon’. IIRC they said within a year, which must’ve been about half a year ago.
They mentioned making it smaller and more rigid, so I’m hoping they can find a manufacturer that can do it.


Don’t get me started on this one! Totally agree with Jay.


My dongle is being held together by Duct tape…so sad. :neutral_face:

Duct tape is like the force… has a dark and light side and keeps the universe together…

From Steinberg:

Hello Jay,

Thank you for contacting the Steinberg US Support team. My name is Jeff and I will be assisting you with your request.

I can appreciate your feedback on the dongle. We run into some of those issues here as well.
I can say that it is a topic of discussion in Management meetings and we are aware of the need.
At this time we do not have any other version to offer.

Here on our team we all carry small cases made for jump drives that we store our dongles in when moving them around. It seems to work pretty well.

Thanks again for providing your feedback. I will present it again in future discussions.

Jeff Davis
U.S. Support Manager