Cheap Shipping via UPS

Hi all,

I place an order for Cubase 6 on Tuesday evening. The item was then shipped this morning at 2am from Germany via UPS. Upon checking the estimated time of arrival, it stated that delivery will not be made until Monday 30th of May! I noticed that the parcel had arrived in England today and had to be shipped to me in Belfast. I contacted UPS UK and asked them why the item will take 5 days to get from England to Belfast, NI. The customer advisor told me that it was a standard UPS delivery and it will be going mostly by road and boat. I asked him “is the delivery guy cycling across England?” It doesnt take 5 days to travel from Barking, England to Belfast, Northern Ireland by road.
The parcel left Barking at 1:46pm (GMT) on route to Belfast. You would expect it to be delivered on Friday at the latest, even if they are going by road/boat.
What is the deal ? lol

Steinberg need to provide different delivery methods. UPS Standard just doesnt cut it!

Nothing to do with SB; everything to do with AskNet, whose business it is to run and operate an online shop - SB are one of their (many) customers.

Hi all,

ScientificH, we are in the same boat, or nearly, because I am still waiting for C6, after having put my order last 3rd april. For the exact horror scenario, see here :

This was a thread that I created here, and was soon transferred in the german music lounge (my english isn’t that good, but should it be considered german like ? ) where nobody reads it, of course : a practical way to make it disappear without really doing it, I guess… :unamused:

The last news about my problem (for anyone who followed or might be interested) is that Asknet sent me a mail saying that they were still waiting for the UPS investigation result : that was exactly a week ago…

So my advice : don’t be in a hurry. I’m still waiting, nearly two months after my order. That’s UPS way of doing their job. And expect your thread to be quickly send in the german music lounge : at least, we’ll be together forever … :mrgreen:

He Cubic,

I’ve had some similar experiences with UPS in the past, it’s totally unacceptable really. If I were
you I’d email the CEO’s of Steinberg, Asknet & UPS asking them to explain why you have to suffer for the failings
of their supplier, their carrier, their inept(ups) company. Be polite and non abusive, usually gets sorted within a couple of days. I wish you luck.

Its crazy like,
The item is now is Belfast and can easily be put onto the van and delivered tomorrow to me. But it seems they want to hold onto it until Monday before they deliver it. Very unprofessional in my opinion. UPS are supposed to be delivering a fast reliable service, not a “i suppose we may deliver that parcel today it has been here 4 days” service.
Now, I have to take time off work on Monday to receive the item where as I am off work all this week and can easily have been there to receive it.

Epic Fail!

Are you in NI, or is it that Belfast is simply your nearest depot…? Either way, don’t forget Monday 30 May is a bank holiday in NI… :wink: Maybe no drivers in to work that day… (unless for ‘special/highpriced’ deliveries…?)

(For what its worth, your story does all seem a right PITA…!)

Im in Belfast, NI. This gets better by the minute. I forgot Monday was a Bank Holiday!
So that means it’ll not be out til Tuesday at the earliest.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, C6 is on route to Belfast depo (if not already there as it left Tamworth 9 hours ago)

I still dont understand how they couldn’t deliver it tomorrow (or let me pick it up)
the Mofos are messing about!

I think there’s a policy (barring any prior special arrangement), whereby they have to make at least ONE attempted (and failed) delivery at the stated address, before they will grant you the ability to pick up at the depot yourself. Oh, and if you do decide that, phone first…!!

Also, be prepared to go AT THE END DAY as the driver may still be out on the road with your package on board…! Yes - they are quite keen to keep making attempts to deliver, in spite of you saying you’ll pick up yourself…

(you can probably tell, an episode or two here with our friends at UPS… though it must be said, on a good few other occasions, UPS have been absolutely superb; same address, same local depot, same paid for level of service… Go figure…).

Good luck…!

Thanks Bob for info,

I had an excellent service from UPS when I had my iMac delivered. Was on time and fast. Got from China to me in 4 days lol (maybe because Apple paid for a better delivery service though)
If I see the delivery status saying that the parcel has arrived in Belfast depo, Im going to be ringing them and telling them to deliver tomorrow!
I rang UPS and they confirmed that the parcel left Tamworth, UK this morning at 2:45am. Its where abouts are unknown as it is going by road. It doesnt take all that time to drive across England! The guy is definitely going by bicycle lol With his little UPS cap on. “Gotta Package People”

The wait continues…

update on order. cubase 6 is in Belfast. but they now say they cant deliver to wednesday coz they are contracted to use a slow service. (standard)
complete nonsense. the guy even said on the phone that if the sender had paid for a upgraded service, the package would have been delivered tomorrow!!

Newtownabbey, United Kingdom 05/26/2011 6:33 P.M. Destination Scan
05/26/2011 6:32 P.M. Arrival Scan
Tamworth, United Kingdom 05/26/2011 2:36 A.M. Departure Scan
Tamworth, United Kingdom 05/25/2011 5:02 P.M. Arrival Scan
Barking, United Kingdom 05/25/2011 1:46 P.M. Departure Scan


And what about you being able to pick it up from the depot yourself…? I know, its horrible when its that close…!

I’m getting really peeved with these alleged couriers. I specify on my orders who the company is to use. Parcelforce are sh1te and i put “Do not use Parcelforce” on all my orders. The best courier this year for me has been DPD. Not only do they give you a date of delivery, they give you the hour too, and they stick to it too :sunglasses:
No idea why a delivery to Ireland should be a problem, ferries are every hour or so aren’t they?

I shop with 2 businesses exclusively now; Digital Village (aka DV247) and Amazon. If you’re gonna order anything, make it early in the week, up until Wednesday. Usually means you’re gonna have a great weekend as your gear has arrived :sunglasses:

Cheers and happy shopping.

Its a bloody disgrace! they are basically Holding onto my goods for no reason. They could very well deliver it tomorrow. The guy on phone said it would be Tuesday and the tracking online said Wednesday. Can they not make their minds up?!

heres an easy solution: Deliver tomorow!

I ordered Cubase on Monday night! lol


Bit shoddy then. Try someone else when you get the urge for more gear :sunglasses:

The goods are sitting in their sorting office doing sweet FA. Just gathering dust. for such a small package they could have easily put it onto the van today. but no. we are talking about the Useless Parcel Service here…

Very frustrating, then you’ll sit in all day waiting for the package on said delivery day and it wont arrive, only to be told they tried to deliver but no one was in… happend to me more than once.

It is… I dont understand how they could not have delivered today.


wonders will never cease. Cubase 6 arrived today. After all the communication i had with UPS and them telling me that it would definitely be Monday or after! Such planks


i Have a question…

The package came with Cubase 6 (no dongle as expected), halion sonic SE (2 dvds), the grand se and halion symphonic orchesttra.
Cubase is installing now but it is at a stage where it is saying it is installing Halion Sonic SE Advanced Content.
If it is installing Halion SE, why is there another 2 dvds that say TRIAL on them? Is halion SE included or do you also have to pay for them?
Any info appreciated…


I am pretty sure the demo is for the FULL HALion Sonic.
Saw something about this on the Products page for Cubase 6.