Check box in condensing

why is this?
ok, if you know it, you know it - but before you know it, again the workflow is interrupted the energy is gone…sometimes I think there are so many little things which should be fixed in Dorico - why is there an iPad version before all these things are fixed?! You guys are doing a fantastic job and I’m sure you all know about all the little bugs and hundreds of workarounds to get things going in Dorico.
I love the programme but sometimes it’s really frustrating to work with it - sorry guys.

This isn’t a bug. There’s a difference between simply selecting a condensing group from the list (e.g. in order to examine the settings that you have already made for that group) and activating the condensing change for that group, which has to be done by activating the check box for that row.

Perhaps it isn’t apparent to you, but you can only have a single condensing change at a particular rhythmic position, so when you open this dialog, you need to be able to both look at and change the settings for multiple condensing groups.