Check marker name duplicates

I use the Export Cycle Markers function quite a bit when doing sound design and building Kontakt instruments. Combined with Channel Batch Export, I can name and export an absurd amount of files. It’s really amazing.

That said, I often find myself getting the “Please change your naming scheme, as it does not provide unique names for the files” warning. 99% of the time it’s due to two cycle markers with the same name. The only way to make sure is to read each cycle marker, one by one, and find the duplicates. It’s usually just one character in the name (for example, it was “gun 1” when it was supposed to be “gun 2”), so tracking it down takes quite a lot of time–negating the whole point of using a batch process.

It’d be fantastic if we could have Nuendo check and tell us if any of our cycle markers have the same name so that this issue can be avoided! Maybe a “show duplicates” button in the Markers window, or something like that.


happen to me as well and this would be cool.


If this does happen to you often enough to be an issue (game sound design?) then here is a workaround while you wait for a better fix.

Export the markers as CSV open in Excel and find duplicate values using conditional formatting. Either resolve the dupes in Excel and export/import back into Nuendo and replace the old markers, or just note the position/TC of the offending marker in Excel and manually fix it in Nuendo.
A LOT faster than scrolling through the marker window to try to catch the problem.
If it happens a lot you should be able to script it and make it real quick.