Check User Delay function cannot be found for External Instruments

In Operation Manual on page 30 I can read this regarding the delay value for external instruments when setting up in VST Connections:
“You can right-click the Delay column for the instrument and select Check User Delay to automatically determine the delay value that is used for delay compensation.”

After I added my external instrument, no matter how hard I try clicking everywhere on everything, I simply don’t see this option anywhere.
What am I doing wrong?

I can not get that for external instrument either - think it is typo in manual just copying text.

I tried with external effect and associate midi device even - but you only hear a pulse on audio - nothing on midi is sent.
In Reaper this send a C2 note or something to get audio response.

So experiment and see what makes audio line up. For me it is between 128-400 samples depending on instrument(setting in delay 2.7ms or 8.3ms).