CHECK YOUR GPU % - Don't blame CUBASE instantly - ME~> 'Expert User" Failings!

ME: Cubase 13 - Win11Pro - Intel i9-9900K - NVIDIA 2070 super - 32gig - etc.

Likely APPLE/MAC relevant.

QUICK VERSION: jump to 3) way down to get ONE quick test. All the rest very kinda optional*-)

I’ve become "expert’.
MEANS it’s just as likely I’ll be, lazy - unlucky - missing much, as the next person.
My worst computer issues often came with a bit or lots of assuming - as in, “it 's probably this, or that”.

Decades of, satisfying at the time, yet incredibly life-consuming, Linux, BSD, MacOS, Windows geek-moves, and here I am, still bested by computers regularly, and that’s OK!

And, if I’m gonna be blunt, a lot of my geek-experimenting was because, getting back to the songs was mentally difficult – I really don’t know why, entirely.

------- TODAY’S LESSON BELOW ------- NVIDIA though should apply to AMD etc.

IMAGINE MY SHOCK and SMILE when by reinstalling the latest NVIDIA STUDIO drivers my

GPU usage went from red-lining at 95 to 99% at IDLE ~> down to 2% to 5% ~> ~> WHILE RUNNING CUBASE


1) i got a 4K monitor (cheap TV). THEN: Due to massively increased crackles and drop-out with CUBASE i studied some and read that extra CPU is apparently taken with higher rez monitors and, that monitors are not entirely handled by the graphics card.
(much more to learn on all that i expect - now that I’ve had a massive fix)

2) While rarely assuming: To test the above I changed the resolution of the 4K TV/monitor via windows desktop properties (via right click on desktop) from it’s native resolution 3840x2160 - to both 1080p and 1440p resolutions and indeed, crackles got way better or, even much better, and pretty much disappeared - - though CUBASE seemed kinda sluggish all the time.

3) [SHORT VERSION] hit Control-Alt-Delete - click on task manager - got to left side PERFORMANCE tab. Is it really low? MINE was at 97 to 99 % !!! Coulda been that way for weeks or even months! hahaha

4) not at all thinking it would make a difference I downloaded the latest NVIDIA STUDIO drivers
( i guess the game drivers would be similar)

Initially I chose “graphic drivers only” then proceeded, and as i recall I then chose “custom install” and checked the box that does a clean install that basically resets anything the user has set, and profiles etc.

IN the custom install menu: i UN-checked the physx driver - installing ONLY the graphics drivers, the HDMI and the USB-C. NOTE: i just went and looked up the Physx driver bit, and yeah, don’t think i want that.


Yet another TOTAL FIX - went from GPU overload 97-99% AT IDLE down to to 1% at idle.


THAT STEINBERG continues to deal with operating systems versus programs vs computers - -
STEINBERG DEVs will always have my undying RESPECT and politeness.

I wanna be like Steinberg - patient and searching for better and better.
I will continue to learn about computer optimizing, work-arounds, tests and time-savers.

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There’s a little app i use which unpacks the Nvidia driver a you can choose from a list of all the other componence’s you want to install or not , great little app .

DO NOT let the app download the driver thou , it will download the latest Gaming driver . Just place the driver on the desktop and point the app to it . Job done
NVCleanstall v1.16.0 Download | TechPowerUp

GEEZ. NICE. done a fair bit of .INF installing over the years though super happy to get the .EXEs separated from that behemoth NVIDIA installer. WOO-flippin-HOO!
uhhh, BIG thanks.

I knew of, (DDU) and had used in that past though ~> I didn’t wanna use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) as for one, wasn’t expecting a fix to the GPU red-lining by reinstalling drivers.

Easy to miss that about NVCleanstall as the name doesn’t suggest all features. hahaha.

SUPER helpful - and your essential TIP ““DO NOT let the app download the driver tho””

and now back to the usual CUBASE NIGHTING!

P.S. when i check it out I’ll discover how it all breaks down.
enJOY evening.
NRN (NoReplyNeeded) also means, write anytime of course*-)

Many moons ago, I had an issue whereby I could only load so many Waves plugins before I started getting empty windows upon opening them. Can’t remember how many, but there came a point that the one extra would cause all the others to display a blank window. Only Waves, by the way.
At the time I was using Intel Graphics. After much research, I bought the cheapest GPU I could find (about £35!) and voila! problem solved. Lesson learned.