Checkboxes in Properties panel


I know there’s been a lot of discussion already about how the Properties panel worsk, and the necessity of having switches to show that you’re overriding the default state. I get that and I like how it works.
I was wondering though : couldn’t captions for on/off settings such as “Hide root and quality” be re-phrased as “Show root and quality” so we could get rid of the additional checkbox ? Basically inverting the value. It’s just visually confusing and annoying to have to think about two values instead of one, for one particular setting.
It doesn’t seem too complicated to me but I’m probably missing something :slight_smile:

Apologies if it’s already been answered (couldn’t find it in the forum), and congrats on the hard work on version 4 (which is awesome).


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I’m not quite sure what you mean, sorry.

In my projects, if I select a chord… say D/F#… and click the switch and select the box, the root and quality disappears. I wouldn’t ever have a need to “show” the quality.

The only time I can think that I’d ever use a “show root and quality” is if, by default, my engraving options are set to “show altered bass note only”:

In which case, I’d sometimes need to click the properties switch and then show the root/quality.

Apologies if I’ve missed the mark!

I think there’s a point here that the second checkbox could certainly be removed, as this is inconsistent. If I click the Hidden toggle to hide the entire chord I don’t have to also click an additional “Hidden” checkbox. The Hidden toggle hides the chord. Since this toggle is also hiding an element, I don’t really see why it needs an additional checkbox when just the toggle could be enough. It seems inconsistent with the way that the toggle that is literally right above it works.

I agree and I know there’s more than a few threads about it.

For what it’s worth, I’ve created shortcuts for the 3 properties I change the most: hide, change size to cue, and brackets around noteheads.

Maybe I’m misreading you, but I think you’re missing something here. This toggle does not just hide the chord. When your engraving options is set to hide chords, this toggle tells Dorico to show it. The wording is probably misleading, and the UIX not particularly self-explanatory, but the functionality is perfect IMO.

Ah, ok. I always have show in full checked in Engraving Options so was misunderstanding that the checkbox would actually show it. Seems a bit convoluted but agree that the functionality is there.

Ok now I get it, the switch basically allows the property to keep its value regardless of any change in the Engraving options. And then the checkbox specifies that value.
I just wish the caption for the toggle was “Root and quality”, and then maybe a top-down menu with the values “Hide” and “Show”. At least we wouldn’t have two switches next to each other for the same value. Same for “Show fingering” etc.
Thanks everyone!