Checked boxes on Forum

Just a bit of curiosity: on the Forum, when I scroll down the list of topics there is a box that precedes each. In some of those boxes there is check mark. What does that signify? I saw it on a thread that I had not seen before, so it isn’t what I thought it might be - that it was a thread I was following. I couldn’t find an explanation, and I suspect it is something blindingly obvious…I am not normally a forum follower (except this one) so if someone has an explanation, I’d love to hear it.

Not exactly a pressing issue, I grant you. Sometimes no news, is a welcome relief!

It’s if the original poster has marked the thread as “Solved”, based on one of the replies.

Thank you! I knew there must be a (sane) reason, but no amount fo searching gave me the answer. Trying a search for anything with “checked boxes” gave a lot of interesting answers, but of a notational nature.

Much appreciated!

Pretty cool that the “Checked boxes” question has a checked box! (I know… too much time on my hands!)