Checking for Dorico Updates

I own Dorico 2. When I check for updates I am taken to the “Dorico Updates and Downloads” website, I am only presented with the Dorico 1.2.10 update. I do not see anything related to v2. I am logged into the Steinberg website.

Is this normal behavior?


Dear Steve,
This has already been discussed quite a number of times. I only answer here to kindly ask you to search the forum before creating a new thread — first and only explicit rule in this forum !

Welcome to the forum, Steve. Sorry that you end up on the wrong page when you do Check For Updates. This is a bug, and we’ll fix it. Unfortunately you’ll have to check here on the forum for the release of the next update (which will be a sticky thread at the top of the forum, when the time comes) since doing Check For Updates will never tell you about a Dorico 2 update until such time as you have the new update, in which the bug is fixed…

Is this Catch 23, or merely one of Sir Humphrey’s axioms? :slight_smile:



Thank you for you reply.

It was not my intention to upset other members on this board by asking a question that was previously answered.


Dear Steve,
Don’t worry, nobody’s upset here :wink:
And sure, welcome to the forum!


Steve, please don’t apologise, you are very welcome and I look forward to discussing Dorico with you.

By the way, after your post, I did ask our clever support team to put some additional information at the top of the page you get to when you do Check For Updates from Dorico 2.0, so in fact it does now give you some information there to redirect you to the right page for the 2.1 update from there.

Thank you everyone! I’ve used Finale since its inception and now have turned the page by using Dorico 2.0.