Checking In Too

I packed my bags myself, am not carrying anything for anybody and there are no sharp objects in my hand luggage…

Hi there, Dave! :slight_smile:

Hi dave :slight_smile:

…now please step forward into one of the two line; to the left, the burly man enjoying his job for the full body pat down, or the right for the xray scan for which we do keep the pics and pass them around for giggles :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Dave. :slight_smile:

Wassup Dave :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,
so, what’s your time frame for getting back up to 10000 posts again? :smiley:

About 6 gigayears. :slight_smile:

Hiya Paul! Great to see ya again! :sunglasses:

Thanks everybody. Reminds me of the welcome in 2005 when I bought SL2 on a whim and then had to ask you guys how to use the damm thing…