Checking license - not responding

My Cubase crashed during a session, seems like it was suddenly trying to check the license, but then got no response. Can that be an issue on my end, something I need to investigate, or is it calling home, so maybe a Steinberg server issue? Just trying to understand so it can be prevented.

2023-02-09, Win 10Pro 19044.2364, Cubase Pro

Cubase crash 2023-02-09, Win 10Pro 19044.2364, Cubase Pro

It’s not calling home, but the apps are not talking to each other properly.

A couple ways I have found to get things going again:

  • Restart machine
  • Use the Task Manager to kill the Steinberg License Engine

Make sure you’re on the latest Activation Manager, which as of this writing is (get it from the Download Assistant.)

With the risk of sounding stupid, I cannot see/find an “Activation Manager” in the Download Assistant. I’ve opened up all the little drop down arrows, incl “My Updates”, so where is it?

Hang on I’ll try to solve this.

uninstall it first from Windows, that should work

OK, cool. That installed 1.4.20. Thank you!
I thought it was a separate install, but it seems the Download Assistant updates it automatically in the background.

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