Checking mixes in mono??

Hi all

Just wondering is there an easy way to toggle the stereo out bus inbetween mono and stereo.

This is pretty useful when mixing/checking for phase etc.

Look up control room… have a good read.

Thanks very much and I did have a good read. Great to know which part of the manual to read!

Main mix is now routed through the control room!!

Awesome! … I’m semi-apologizing on the other thread about the RTFM stuff. But, dude … you paid shit loads for a software package with a gazillion features. A good read of the manual would do your investment a lot of good. In C5 you have it printed out, so you can put it on the bed side or read it on the can.

I don’t remember exactly where, but early on(page 38 or 83 ??? something like that) there are a bunch of pictures of C5 routing for each track type in the operations guide. I highly recommend you spend some time on those. Once you understand where things go, it answers about 10981029890407493 of the follow up questions that going to follow the ones you’ve just asked.

Semi-thanks for the semi-apology.
You might also want to realize that people also have really different learning methods. I don’t think anybody would retain much if they sat and read the whole manual from start to finish. I did look in the manual before posting but I was searching for “Mono Mix” rather than control room.

I think if I had previously read the manual from back to front I might not have remembered that the control room was what I wanted. This would be because I had not yet needed it.

You are right cubase does have a gazillion features so taking them in not all at once is more realistic for me. I often have the manual by my bedside reading. If fact I was last night about eqs. Unfortunately the info I needed was no in the manual so I had to post on that on the forums today too.

For me what makes me remember how to do something is first needing to do something and then doing it.

It’s surprising just how many people don’t seem to use the control room… it’s one of the most powerful features in cubase these days and yep you’re right…you’ve paid for it so you may as well use it :wink: